Top 10 Big Accounting Firms Worldwide

International Accounting FirmsIn every endeavor and activities of man from time past to the present dispensation, accountability has been a very important part of managing any firm, organization, agency and parastatal owned by the government or private individuals.

In our contemporary world, businesses have grown so well and ideas have flourished into companies of reputation.

The need for Auditing, Tax, Expenditure, Merging and Acquisition and Risk Advisory Services is top priority in every company and business hence the need to be informed about the top accounting firms in the world.

big four accounting firms

First we discussed and look at the big four accounting firms:


  1. Deloitte
  2. PcW
  3. EY – Ernst & Young
  4. KPMG

1. Deloitte

Deloitte - Big Four Accounting FirmsDeloitte is a financial accounting firm with experience and professionalism. They have vast number of professionals for every services they render and in every of their offices worldwide.

Deloitte was founded by William Welch Deloitte in 1845 with its headquarters in London, UK. Deloitte has about 263,900 professionals as staff worldwide working in offices spread to over 150 countries.

Deloitte is such a big fish in the financial accounting sector of the world offering services such as – Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Risk and Financial Advisory, Legal Services and Tax.

Deloitte was reported to have had about 38 billion Dollars in revenue in 2017, a figure that represents increase from about a decade ago when revenue was about 26 billion Dollars.

Deloitte scored about 4.0 in the Glassdoor Employees review carried out on over 20000 employees.

Deloitte is at number 20 in the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2018”.

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2. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PwC - Big Four Accounting FirmsPricewaterhouseCoopers is at the second place in big 4 accounting firms, its reliable and reputable brand in the accounting and financial services firms around the world.

The PcW started in the 18th century in London and with its head office in the English capital became joint business over time is known for impressive and flawless services it has been provided in Audit and Assurance, Advisory services, Tax Services and Private Wealth services.

PwC retained its position as the number one professional services brand, and one of the world’s top ten most powerful brands in the Brand Finance Index 2017

The firm has a wide global reach with its 776 offices spread across 157 countries of the globe and about 236,000 professional staff ready for any of the services they offer.

PcW recorded revenue of about 37.7 billion dollars in 2017 with every employee having the best of working condition as made known through various employees’ reports and reviews.

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3. Ernst and Young (EY)

EY - Big Four Accounting FirmsFormerly known as Ernst and Young, EY is a United Kingdom based professional financial firm that is headquartered in London. The firm has interest in Advisory services, Tax, Assurance, Transactions and Special services.

The EY has about 247,570 (as of 30 June 2017) professional workforce working hard to deliver in different 700 offices spread across 150 countries.

EY named a Leader in Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Services Providers, Worldwide by Gartner

Founded in 1989 and with estimated revenue strength of 31.4 billion dollars in 2017, the EY is well strong enough to be ranked among the biggest players of the financial sector of the world.

With just 29 years of establishment, EY has made an incredible effort in providing financial and advisory services for firms and businesses in various sectors.

This achievement is in no doubt a proof of its good relationship with its workers across the globe.

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KPMG - Big Four Accounting FirmsFounded by Lots of professionals in the Netherlands, the professional firm providing financial services is a major brand in the accounting and financial services of the world.

Its headquarters is based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands – it has about 197,000 professionals across 154 countries as workers to provide effective services in Audit and Assurance, Advisory and Enterprise services across several countries of the world.

 The KPMG network achieved gender parity for new hires, and saw an increase to 28% women in partner promotions across its 10 largest countries.

 KPMG made about 26.40 billion dollars in revenue in FY2017 and with their services further grouped for better effectiveness. KPMG is sure a great financial services firm to reckon with now and in future times.

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5. BDO Global

Top 10 Accounting FirmsThe BDO firm is a professional financial services firm with interest in offering services in Audit and Assurance, Tax, Advisory services and Business services and Outsourcing.

The firm was founded by Bernhard Binder Hans Otte in Belgium in 1963 and later rename, the headquarters and international Executive Office is in Zaventem, Belgium. BDO Global has a wide professional staff in the United States and China Mainland and Hong Kong.

It has about 158 advisory firms working under the BDO Global names spread across the world with about 74,000 professional workforce and partners delivery the perfect services to clients.

Its efficient networking made it the winner of the Network of the Year award at the International Accounting Bulletin (AIB) Awards in 2015. In 2017, BDO Global made about 8.0 billion dollars in revenue.

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6. Grant Thornton

Top 10 Accounting FirmsGrant Thornton is a worldwide based professional financial and business advisory firm which was founded in the United Kingdom in 1980. They have made themselves a force to reckon with successes recorded in financial services which they offer.

They offer Advisory and Assurance services, Tax, Business Outsourcing.  Grant Thornton has offices in about 130 countries with partners registered under their brand name.

Professional workforce is up to 48,000 to deliver the perfect financial services to clients. Grant Thornton raked in about 5.0 billion dollars as revenue in 2017 and with possibility for growth; the sky is the starting point.

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7. RSM

Top 10 Accounting FirmsRSM (formerly McGladrey) is an international and multi-national network of accounting firms with a global and worldwide reach.

RSM offers Audit and Assurance services, Tax, Consulting and Risk Advisory, Outsourcing and HR Consulting.

Founded in 1964 and based in London, England, UK, the firm is networked to independent advisory and financial firms in different countries of the world. These member firms that form a network in RSM are present in different continents of the world with very professional and qualified workers at their disposal.

The revenue for 2015 and 2016 was about 4.8 billion dollars and this gives the impression of a strong financial firm gunning for more achievements.

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8. Crowe Horwath

Top 10 Accounting FirmsCrowe Horwath International is a globally recognized financial and accounting network with its headquarters in New York, USA.

The Crowe Horwath consists of more than 200 independent accounting firms based in about 130 countries of the globe. These independent accounting firms are locally inclined to financial rules and regulations in their respective countries and are well posed to serve clients better with a number of professional workers.

Majorly, Crowe Horwath offer Audit, Tax, Advisory and Risk and Performance Services. Crowe Horwath has about 3000 professional workers and with an estimated revenue of about 700 million dollars over recent years, the first American based Financial and accounting network on our the top ten list is poised for great service delivery and growth.

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9. Baker Tilly International

Top 10 Accounting FirmsThis is another very reputable and effective network of globally reached network of financial and accounting advisory firms well positioned to help businesses in various services like Audit and Assurance, Tax and Business Advisory services.

The Baker Tilly International was founded in 1988 and headquartered in London, UK and with about 126 member firms across 147 countries having over 30000 staff and partners.

Baker Tilly International made an income of about 3.2 billion dollar in recent years and with chances of increasing its network of accounting and financial firms, we can vouch for their services going forward.

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10. Nexia

Top 10 Accounting FirmsNexia comes last on our top ten of financial and accounting firms worldwide. Nexia is a leading and top global accounting and financial firm of networks of independent member accounting and advisory firms across the world.

Nexia has about 667 offices occupied by 245 member financial firms in different countries of the world. Nexia is based in London, UK and they offer quite a range of financial services like Auditing, Tax and Advisory services.

Nexia has decent annual revenue in recent years and this and its effective service delivery around the globe serve as a template for this position and its growth in the future.

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