Frequently Asked Questions

Resumatix is a website that sells Microsoft Word or MS Word resume templates. We do not offer resume writing or resume building services, what we offer is a ready-made template that you can purchase and download on your laptop/computer and you do the copy/paste or fill in your own details in the template.

In some special circumstances we do offer custom colors. We are working on designing few of our resume templates in multiple colors. Stay tune for any update by signing in our newsletter.

Currently we do not offer custom resume templates, however we are getting regular requests for custom CV designs so we are planning to start this new service soon, stay tune for any update by signing in our newsletter.

No we are not offer resume fill-in services.

Yes, however note that we will not fill-in your details in resume - we only offer support if the resume template you bought doesn’t working or having some issue with compatibility with other software. Some people ask to fill in their details in the template that unfortunately we do not offer at this time, which is a different service that we planning to offer later.
Yes, off course the CV templates work on both Windows and MAC OS, some people face small design issues that can easily fixed. Normally that doesn't happen very frequently.
If you do not have Microsoft office installed on your computer resume template won’t open or work as desired. Microsoft office offer free version of its MS office you can download it from here.
When you purchase any of our resume templates you will get a compressed zip file (.zip or .rar file) that you will have to unzip using a free software i.e. winzip using this software you will unzip the file. The zip file contains a .doc or .docx file, it’s the main ms word file, apart from the ms word file there are also all custom fonts, icons and read me file is included in the zip file.
Yes and No, if you know the basics of Microsoft word and other word processing software and the design tools such as Photoshop, you know that the images looks more smooth and attractive in image format i.e. .jpg or .png format than the actual resume files such as Microsoft word files. But the design will look 90%+ same as it looks in the photos.
Yes and No. It depends on your particular need. If you want the design to look same as in the photo than you have to put the details as seen in the image, however if you want to move the design elements to different location in the template you can do that but for that you must have experience working with Microsoft Word software.