Resume Reference Page: Everything You Need to Know

Resume References PageThe resume reference page is a very important page in an entire job application document, its contents are very important in creating an image that will impress your potential employers and so it is essential that you take your time to construct it and organize it properly.

A well-structured resume reference page can also win some points in your favor towards your potential boss.

In view of that, here are a few key facts you need to know about writing a resume reference page.

What is Resume Reference page?

A lot of people may ask this question so let’s address it.

A resume reference page is a page on your resume documents where you list out some reputable personalities that can vouch for you on grounds of both personal and professional capabilities.

Please note that the expression “references available upon request” basically isn’t required or even advised these days, since managers definitely know that you’ll give references to them as a way to show that you really need the job.

Nonetheless, attach a well written reference page to your resume in the because this is a way of telling the hiring manager or employing director that you’re truly want to be working for the organization and that you have great references.

Why do you need a Resume Reference Page?

A resume Reference page can be an effective tool in your pursuit of employment. Regardless of the possibility that the business does not often ask for you give them references, always take a list of three or more with you into the interviewer’s office.

And if by any chance the interviewer ends up not asking for them, offer them before you take your leave.

Normally, most businesses today do require you submit references with your resume.

How to Make a Reference Page?

An ideal template or format for writing a reference is as shown below:

When you make your employment reference page, utilize a similar letterhead (your name and contact data at the highest point of the page) that you utilized on your resume. That additional touch will give it a clean reliable look since all your pursuit of employment reports, including your introductory letter, will coordinate.

Standard Format of Resume Reference Page

Under your letterhead, sort this information for each of your employment references. Begin with your expert references and end with your own ones.

  • Name of referee
  • Title at his or her organization
  • Organization
  • Street Address
  • City, State and Zip
  • office Phone
  • Home Phone (if it’s an individual reference, and not a professional reference)
  • Relationship to you (if it’s not clear from your resume and introductory letter)
  • project/skill of yours that this reference may talk about (not compulsory)

Types of Resume References

There are two main types of a resume or job reference.

  1. Personal Reference
  2. Professional Reference

Personal References

these are for referees that you share a personal (unofficial) relationship with. Maybe someone a friend, family or a relative or any sort. The type of referee ultimately affects the format of resume reference to be used.

Professional References

there are for referees who you share a professional affiliation or relationship with. Maybe someone you’ve worked for, someone you worked with or also someone who you met during the course of a project you handled in the past.

A professional reference is very important because your new employer will always be more interested in your efficiency and quality of work delivery, and noting emphasizes this more effectively than an official reference.

When You Need a Job Reference Page

Most of the time, you won’t require a resume reference page until when the interview section is coming to a close.

It is also unethical to include your reference page to your application form, this is because, the references agreed to let you include their highly confidential information in your reference page to aid your pursuit in search for employment.

There also do not want their confidential information to end up in the possession of the wrong people.

So always have your reference page with you when going for an interview but do not attach it inside your other job application documents.

There is a lot of scam out there looking to get their hands on the confidential credentials of your references so always protect their privacy.

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