8 Facebook Tips You Probably Not Using for Job Search

Facebook is the largest and most widely used social network across the globe, according to statista Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users as of 3rd quarter of 2018.

Active Facebook monthly users

Most people use it to connect to their family and friends but Facebook can be a very powerful tool if you are looking for a job which falls within your expertise and experience.

Social media has gained some fame when it comes to finding the perfect job for you and most widespread network in the social media industry today is Facebook.

So, if you are willing to put in the time and effort required and search for a job using Facebook, you might be lucky enough to find your dream job.

Here are 8 reasons why should use Facebook to win your dream job.

1. Broadcast your Talent

Facebook is an amazing platform because of its huge popularity and the number of users it has. If you use Facebook to find a job, you can broadcast your talent and show your skills in the area of your expertise.

The recruiters for many global and multinational companies are also hunting for people who can prove themselves to be dedicated, talented and reliable and are looking for a chance to prove themselves.

2. Learn about a Company’s Culture

Just like a firm and its recruiter can get to know about you by visiting your profile, the same goes for them as well. You can get to know about a company’s culture, products, and other necessary information which you should know before you go and work for them.

Facebook pages are an excellent source of information where you can find a great deal of information about a certain corporation and its environment.

3. Deserving People get Jobs

As there are billions of members of Facebook, finding the right job for you might be a little tricky.

But, if you deserve a position in a corporation, you could get it easily by showing that you are worthy of the position because recruiters of different corporations are actively searching for hardworking and talented individuals and they want to hire people who will produce quality results and fulfill their expectations rather than someone who will just waste their time.

4. Group Search

There are a massive number of groups on Facebook where individuals with similar interests come and share their thoughts and experiences. You can join groups where discussions are about the topics which interest you.

FB Jobs Search Groups

Moreover, you can also join the groups which discuss vacancies which exist in various companies and, are actively searching and hiring people for jobs. You should participate in those groups and actively look for other groups and pages where there are chances of landing a job.

Group search is an amazing tool which can be used for advantage if you invest enough time and energy in using this tool.

5. Most Jobs come from Referrals

It is right that most jobs come from referrals and guess what? What is a better place than Facebook to attract a job using your family and friends and their referrals?

With its huge number of users, you never know when you could find the perfect job for you. You must search for it and use your friend list for this purpose and one of your friend could refer you to someone who will see and appreciate the spark inside of you.

6. You can Build a Network

No matter how and where you are searching for the job which attracts you, having a network is the thing which will make it much easy for you. One of the most beneficial and wonderful thing which you can do using Facebook is to build your network.

Using the groups and pages, you can find persons who share common interests with you and engage with you. Also, with Facebook constantly connecting you to more people and groups, building a network is not so hard on this platform.

Just remember to create content regularly to engage more and more people and read content posted by other individuals and comment on them.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Another great feature of Facebook which was introduced fairly recently is the Facebook marketplace. It provides you with current job listings, vacancies and open positions in different companies.

You can search for job on Facebook marketplace just like would on any other job posting site such as LinkedIn, Craigslist, and different newspaper websites.

It lets you see the positions available in different companies and helps you get started.

8. Ad Posting

Ads are posted everyday on Facebook regarding different products and services. If you have a notable experience and work as a freelancer, designer, artist or any other position, why not post an ad about it?

With a massive audience which is present on Facebook, you could easily get a job depending on the ad and your experience. You can modify your ad and chose criteria while posting the ad to attract different individuals or companies.

Ad posting is a tool which is much underrated and least used if when it comes to hunt for a job. You will be surprised to see how many people reach you through your ad and you even might be able to find the perfect job you are looking for.


If you are actively job seeking or plan to, you should know how to put your best foot forward and use Facebook to network and uncover job opportunities.

If you are searching for a job or plan to switch your job, don’t forgot to give Facebook a try to find your next dream job! Facebook is one of the best place to contact with people and leverage your network to uncover new job opportunities.